The World S.A.B.E.

Method S.A.B.E.

The method, known by its Spanish acronym of  Salud, Armonía, Bienestar y Energía (S.A.B.E.) is a “Plant Based” method that has been created to help prevent, recover or maintain the health and/or weight of any individual through a personalized nutrition process.

It was born from my academic knowledge and my long work experience in the food industry, observing and studying the rate of disease and overweight in today’s society.

Our main and most important source of healing in this process is food.

We do not use genetically modified (GMO) ingredients, processed sugars, gluten or lactose. We work with the vast and magnificent variety of products that come directly from the earth, foods full of essential and delicious nutrients that help us to obtain and maintain our best physical, mental and emotional health.

I don’t believe in diets or miraculous results. I believe in having good habits and learning to know the body in such a way that each one of us understands what can be good or bad in order not to lose balance. I believe that eating nutritiously on a daily basis should be a “lifestyle” in which the ingredients should be handled from the first moment with respect, good energy and good intention.

We must remember that eating is an act that we repeat at least three times a day throughout our lives. It is an action not only repetitive, but essential for our survival, in fact we do it so many times throughout our existence that we do not give it the importance it really has. Food becomes chemistry in our body, and let’s not forget that our Mental, Physical and Emotional health is the result of that chemistry.

There are many people on the planet and there is no time or place to naturally produce enough food for so much demand. It is very important to know how to carefully choose the products we eat daily, times and our planet have changed radically. It is essential to know the origin of the products we consume, how they are treated, read and understand the origin, understand the nutritional labels and the marketing role that the industry plays in them.

Food is an art that I have had the privilege to learn, understand, enjoy and share, so I would not have the right to deprive anyone of such pleasure, what I do know is that there are many ways to eat without giving up creativity, pleasure and above all Health.

Our food can be our best medicine or it can become our worst poison!

The "Camino S.A.B.E" Tour.

Santiago de Compostela.

On a trip to Spain, I had the privilege of living an extraordinary experience. I pilgrimed the road to Santiago de Compostela, and to a certain extent, it changed my life. A dozen days and nights that I will never forget. The road to Santiago has been one of the most important and recognized pilgrimage routes since medieval times and although the road is of Christian origin, today it is traveled by people of all religions and philosophies, or none in particular.

To go from León (a cultural, historical and monumental city) to Santiago de Compostela (considered a World Heritage Site) through incomparable, natural, historical landscapes and with the only company of the swaying of the trees, the lullaby of the wind, and the singing of the birds… The crunching of my footsteps, the beating of my heart and that mind that you never manage to quiet…

It was precisely this last companion, the mind, or rather, the restless mind, which I managed to tame, that gave me the possibility… why not combine my S.A.B.E. method of nutrition and lifestyle with something as revealing, purifying and healing as the road to Santiago de Compostela? And so was born our “Integral Wellness” tour to Santiago de Compostela; THE S.A.B.E. WAY.

“It is your way and yours alone. Others can walk with you, but no one can walk for you.”

“We do not travel to escape from life, but so that life does not escape from us”.