Method S.A.B.E: The Key to conscious and nutritious eating

Eating is an act that we practice at least three times a day for most of our lives. While some people enjoy the act of eating without worrying about the origin or quality of the food, others know that what we eat every day becomes chemistry in our organism, and that our physical and mental health depends on that chemistry.

Knowing this, food can be your best medicine or your worst poison.

 Therefore, it is important to understand that beyond the pleasure of eating, the careful choice of our food, knowing its origin, treatment and understanding the nutritional value of the labels, can make a big difference in your overall well-being.

Understanding the need to address health problems derived from eating habits, the “S.A.B.E. Method” was born. An innovative approach developed by me; I am Adriana Fatat, Plant Based Nutritionist graduated in New York & Professional Chef graduated in Paris, creator of this wonderful method that allows us to understand and put into practice the direct relationship that exists between food and health, seeking a lifestyle where we get the incredible benefit of experiencing life with Health – Harmony – Wellness – Energy.

Eating nutritious, delicious and creative food is not difficult, much less boring! 

It’s about unlearning, leaving behind what no longer works for us, making room for change, creating new habits, listening to our body, and understanding once and for all that food is directly related to our physical health, our mental wellbeing and our emotional balance”.

Understanding the need to address health and overweight problems, the “S.A.B.E. Method” was born. 

An innovative, conscious and respectful approach developed by me.

What is the Method S.A.B.E?

comida organica

The S.A.B.E. Eating and Detoxification method (Health – Harmony – Wellness – Energy) is a method that is designed to be worked on individually to help prevent, recover or maintain health and/or overweight.  

The method is a plant based process that uses foods WITHOUT genetic alterations (GMO’S), gluten free, without processed sugars or lactose and was born from my academic training and my long career in the food industry to observe and study the rate of disease and overweight in today’s society.

“Food is an art and I have had the privilege of being able to learn about it, enjoy it and share it, so I would have no right to deprive anyone of such a pleasure.”

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How does it work?

It is a 100% personalized method that adapts to the needs of each person by analyzing the individual’s current state of health. It starts by asking the patient for a blood test and, based on this, a specific diet and exercise process is developed to adjust the patient’s health condition and improve it.

Is it a “Plant based” method?

Yes, it is a “Plant Based” method.

“There are many ways to eat healthy and without having to sacrifice taste or pleasure while getting fantastic results.”

What is the relationship of this method with El Camino S.A.B.E Tour?

The Camino S.A.B.E Tour is a pilgrimage and wellness trip to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, starting from the city of Leon (cultural, historical and monumental city) to Santiago de Compostela (considered a World Heritage Site).

During this wonderful journey, you will enjoy transforming experiences in the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.

In addition to enjoying the direct connection with nature, the beauty of the places we visit, travelers can enjoy excellent cuisine using ingredients from local sustainable farms and seasonal products, offering wonderful conventional, vegetarian and vegan options. 

Know the places you can visit in Santiago de Compostela.

The S.A.B.E. Method is not only a smart, nutritious and delicious way to eat, it is the key to transform your life! Thanks to its unique approach to regain health, harmony, wellness and energy through the knowledge of knowing how to choose correctly each of the foods we use. This method has been recognized by thousands as one of the best options in health and wellness. Since its creation, my passion has been to share the method with those who seek or need a healthier way of living. 

Remember that health is our greatest treasure and every choice we make in our daily diet makes a big difference in our quality of life. Since its inception, my passion has been to share the method with those seeking or needing a healthier way of living.

No matter what your goals are, the Method S.A.B.E is here to help you achieve them. Whether it is to improve any type of health condition and/or weight, renew and increase your energy or simply detoxify your body when necessary. This approach will empower your life in an optimal way.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Join the “El Camino” and the “S.A.B.E. Method”, and be part of a community committed to caring for and cultivating a healthier life.

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